The following is the general procedure for renting in Vietnam


Get an appointment with a real estate agency or landlord

At the time of appointment, ask them to show you similar properties other than your target.


Check actual property

Check the status of the room and peripheral equipment.
Make sure that they have the necessary equipment and can request additional purchases for missing ones.
You should also check the availability of housekeeping services, payment for utilities, and dumps.


Confirmation of rental agreement and payment of deposit

At the same time, get an in-room equipment list at the beginning.
※ In Vietnam, the word promise does not make much sense, so you need to pay the landlord a deposit to secure the room.


Items to confirm before moving in

Reconfirmation of equipment list and installation
If you are requesting additional equipment purchase, have they purchased and installed it?
Whether the room has been cleaned, the Internet has been opened, or if the owner has requested a Japanese TV application, etc.
※ It is necessary to pay attention from the landlord, especially when entering a condominium type room.


Items to be confirmed on the day of delivery and entry

Equipment check and operation check
If there is a problem, you need to notify the landlord at this point and request an immediate response.
Also check the existing equipment in the room, including the operation check.
If it is a serviced apartment, check the way in and out at night.
If it is a condo, check how to use peripheral equipment.
End of delivery
The above is the general entry procedure
From our initial introspection to the procedure to move to the after-sales follow-up after the move
We will respond on your behalf.

Free guidance for properties

Free brokerage fee

Partial renewal fee free

Arrange maid service

Arrange best control

We avoid the property which is likely to be trouble from the beginning, and consider the benefit of the customer from the selection of the property. We are committed to providing a safe home.
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